Besides the links that can be found on the side of my page I wanted provide a page where you can find some of the resources that I personally use when it comes to my photography. Whether it pertains to where I will be traveling next, the weather, the tides, or what program I used you can find it here. I will every so often be adding to this page as it can be difficult to roll out all your resources when you don't use them all at once. So please feel free to check them out and I hope they enrich your photography that much more.


DPReview - A forum, review website, and knowledge database chock full of information. Make sure to follow their RSS feed if you want updated on all the newly announced gear.
Fredmiranda - Another forum that can be a great resource that includes user reviews.
*note on forums* Please use the forums of these websites sparingly. So many people keep their heads in forums for so long they never get out in shoot and it leads you to no where. Believe me I used to be one. Scary times :-p
Google - Don't underestimate the power of a good search engine. No matter your preference make sure to make it work for you. WHen it comes to finding new places, locations or mapping your next destination I turn to my favorite search engine. Although They seem to do a lot more then search these days. - is a resource that was created by eBay. It is a great place to find used (and new) books, videos etc. at a great price. With any place make sure to read reviews/feedback for a reputable source.
Amazon's Used Books - They print books on virgin paper all the time, but why do we need so many? We don't! There are so many perfectly good ones that people have gently used. When going to amazon specify used in the drop-down menu and search to your hearts content. Make sure to read feedback and reviews of users before purchasing as always.
Barnes and Noble's Used Books - Barnes and Noble doesn't just sell new books, but their online store also stocks used and out of print books. Make sure to check when looking for your next book at a great price!
Your Local Library - What's better then free and borrowed? Well you can thank your local public library for that. I know it was a key part in my childhood and it doesn't stop there. If you have some time to kill you can stop by and look for resources. If they don't have it they can order it from other branches and you can even do all of this online yourself! Plus they allow you to use their resources if your a member (speaking for my NY Public Library, but check yours and find out.)


B&H Photo - If you want a massive shopping resource with some of the most competitive prices and best customer service then look no further.
J&R - This was a favorite electronics store of mine I first visited it when i was a kid. They carry all sorts of great products and electronics, but they also try and stay competitive in the photo market. Make sure not to pass them up when price shopping your next piece of gear.
Adorama - A major competitor in the NYC area to B&H. I personally have enjoyed their photo printing services. As for the shopping I haven't bought too many things from them, but I know many stand by them very strongly. Always worth a look.
Newegg - When it comes to computer parts and electronics I look no further. This online resource is the best on the internet. If I ever had a problem they go the extra mile to solves it and they do things quickly. Photo gear in the sense of SLR's isn't a huge place to look; but with point and shoots they come in strong.
Check unknown stores at ResellerRatings
Thomas Distributing (batteries) - When it comes to batteries I like low prices and high quality. This place sells a phenomenal selection of chargers and batteries. See my Gear section to see what I am using. They operate out of Chicago and so far so good for me.


GPS - Got it? Get it. Good. GPS technology had changed my life and photography as a whole. I respect people with maps, but sometimes I just want to 'tap' and go. For a post about options and neat tidbits read more here.


Fstoppers - (possibly a little NSFW) - A fantastic new take on behind the scenes moments with actual photographers. It is a great way to see how we work and their approach.


Layers Magazine - A magazine that puts our great tutorials on all things included in the Adobe Creative Suite


The Foliage Network - If you want to know when and where the leaves are changing then this is the place to do it. - If you need help identifying an insect then look no further. - If you navigate the website by your state or state of choice and scroll through the available maps they provide an amazing resource to find waterfalls. They give you the name and location that will open up your next trip to more locations and more fun.
The Weather - There are a myriad of weather websites and everyone has a favorite. My typical go to weather website is The Weather Channel.
The Tides - Now sites for the tides are definitely a toss up. Many sites have different locations or have different styles when presenting the information. So I have chosen one I have used before, but it is by no means the only resource. Often I will just type the location in Google with the word "tides" at the end of it.


Star Trail Software - This software is not only for compiling the images for a star trail, but also in making images shot overtime into a video sequence.
Picasa - For the price of free this is a great Digital Asset Management (DAM) program. It will help to organize all your photographs on your computer for you. If you don't want it to search your drives you will have to click through the welcome screens and as it auto scans go to tools/preferences and disable the folder searching option. Unfortunately there is no option to opt-out of the auto search at first. Catalogs of instruction on it can be found here.
Irfan View - Another popular DAM program out there. It has the ability to read more formats with an installed plug-in and is designed to be light weight. A tad more advanced then its competitors, but with some tweaking you might just truly start enjoying it.
CamStudio - If you want to know what I use for screen capture then this is it. When ever I do a video tutorial of a program on my screen this does the trick. It captures both audio and video with many options for tweaking.
Sync Toy 2.1 - Want to sync your archive of files for free? You are backing up constantly right? RIGHT?! Then look no further! This is a fantastic simple program by microsoft no less (gasp I know) that can synchronize files across drives or even your network.

The Finished Product:

So you've taken that awesome photograph and now you want to know what to do with it. Here are some options I have used on the same path:

Blurb - Maybe you have a collection of images or you are working on a story that needs to be told. Then look no further then Blurb. It's a self publication service that has a fantastic desktop creator and a plethora of options. I have tried it myself and you can get amazing results for such a low price!
FrameUSA - I was in search of cheap frames. Now I wasn't expecting Made in The USA and Eco-friendly options! This is a wholesale seller. They sell in bulk so there is a minimum, but they do offer an individual purchasing site where it's a bit more, but you don't have to spend at least 50$ recommended to a 100$ order without penalty. No limitations version of the site can be found here.
AdoramaPix - When it comes to seeing your image in print it is like nothing else. The problem is there can be so much overpriced competition out there. AdoramaPix from Adorama in NYC offers fantastic quality and at an incredibly competitive price. In a pinch? Give them a try! (Make sure you are uploading your images in sRGB and that there is no calibration unless you know you want/need it.)

*note* Please remember this is just a touch of the massive resources available to you out there on the internet. Also I receive nothing from any of these resources if you visit or purchase from them. It would be nice :-p , but I don't for the record.*note*


  1. May I just say that you speak and breathe photography to a whole new higher level! Did you study about it or it's just plain hobby? I am so impressed I hope to do it with my web designers cheshire as well. I am at the point of being envious now. Simply amazing!

    1. Hi Stew,

      Thanks for reading my blog and the kind comments. My apologies for the lack of updates recently. You may also enjoy my portfolio at where it is just images (also available for purchase ;-)). As for your question on how I came about learning photography it was self taught. I learnt some from personal reading, some from NYIP at home professional photography course and the most important thing of them all getting out there and shooting! I used to teach my technique and advice, but I have no classes at the moment unfortunately. Maybe in the future. Thanks again for visiting!


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