Photography has not always been a part of my life. Photography has been the vessel that has allowed me to pair my two loves; technology and science. I have always had questions and the ambition to learn. I have been invested in photography for several years now and there are always new things to learn. I find this especially true of wildlife photography. Not only does the equipment or software change, but nature is always throwing curve balls your way with a myriad of species to know and understand. My goal in life is to share with others what Nature shares with me and to highlight why Mother Nature is worth saving.


  • Graduate of The New York Institute of Photography's Professional Course in Photography.
  • SI Arts Premier Grant Recipient
  • Winner by decision of Professional Photographer Moose Peterson to be a part of his Base Camp in Anchorage Alaska sponsored by Nikon.
  • Served as the photography educator & lecturer for the Clay Pit Ponds State Park Preserve on Staten Island. Including photography hands-on tours.
  • Photograph publication in the Rainforest Alliance News Letter.
  • One of four runners up in Moose Peterson's Nesting Bird Photo Contest.
  • Participated  as the photographer for the Staten Island Dragonfly Atlas 5-year study as well as participant.
  • Operator of my online blog and gallery.
  • Diversified travel experiences and willingness to venture into the extremes.

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