Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Getting Out, Facing The Weather, and Changing The View Point!

If it's one thing that is probably the most intimidating when it comes to photography it is dealing with weather. We often stay inside or figure eh its crummy out why should I bother to bring my camera? Well I'll tell you that some of the best images come from the worst weather. Nature has a way of revealing her true colors when a storm comes rolling in. While we should always exercise caution, if it is safe to be out, get out there and make some images!

The recent weather promised a plethora of rain and cloudy skies. What did that say to me? Waterfalls! So I hit the road and headed for the Delaware Gap. I was short on time so rather than hike too far I picked a waterfall that had close access and could produce large amounts of flow if the weather hit just right.

I got to the trail and it was just me. No fellow photographers. It's a shame when some fear they may melt. With the fresh air and trail head in front of me I headed out. The trickiest part about this trail is that it is rather dangerous due to ice, narrow cliff side paths and the pouring rain. 

Once you past a narrow turn and start to head down toward the base of the trail Raymondskill Falls reveals itself!

Raymondskill Falls has a tremendous amount of water rushing through it and with the storm just starting to part (got lucky for just the right amount of time to shoot) I went to work. I tried everything from different angles, foreground and close ups.

The best thing you can do as a photographer is to look at things differently. Often times you will be out shooting, especially at a popular destination, and see what most people see, but this may have you miss the photo of a life time. I highly recommend looking closer, changing the view point, or trying something different. Even stepping back for a moment just to take it all in. If it is one thing in life as a photographer I try and remind myself of most is to not always be missing from my images. Take it in and appreciate where you are!

Fun Fact: 'Raymondskill Falls is the tallest waterfall in the state, and only 4 feet shorter than Niagara'

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