Friday, May 30, 2014

One Subject Three Different Ways

If it is one thing I have learned in photography it is that there are always new angles to put on a subject. Even in the same light during the same photo session. This waterfall is close to a special location of mine that I always enjoy spending time at whenever I get the chance to visit. These simple falls I approached at different angles and varying foreground to vary the experience for the viewer. Next time you are out I highly suggest watching how the light falls and finding unique foreground tie it all together. Don't be afraid to get low either!

Being further out from the main falls I wanted to make sure there was enough between me and the falls to keep the viewer engaged.

This was a tighter attempt at the falls, but the use of a small yet sharp and simple subject matter yields a different feel to the image.

I just ventured 'across the pond' to see if it was greener on the other side...

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