Thursday, June 14, 2012

From to day night

A gorgeous view into Yellowstone from the point of view of a geyser.

A beautiful black bear that caused a bear jam as we all scrambled in Northern Yellowstone to see him. You'll notice the lack of a hump on the back of their neck between their shoulder blades as a distinguishing characteristic.

A bison calf with the herd in Yellowstone this time. They held up traffic for a good 20min. Literally in the road!

Driving back through Yellowstone at night to our base in Jackson Hole, WY I decided I wanted to see what it was like under moonlight to photograph the Teton Range. Turned out it was nothing short of beautiful. With the shutter open long enough it could appear to be daylight! If you don't have a remote to hold it open beyond the typical 30 second max you can start to open your aperture to let in more light. Distant landscapes don't require much stopping down at all.

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