Friday, June 8, 2012

A brief tour of Yellowstone

    On our second day out we decided to dip our toes into Yellowstone for a bit. Keep in mind the ride from Jackson Hole, WY to the Northern Mammoth hot Springs takes approximately 3.5hrs at safe speeds (slower then the limit.)

Old faithful in all her glory.

The trailing bacterial mats of the Grand Prismatic. 

Unfortunately it seems that the grand prismatic is so hot that even comfortable temperatures (60-70 degrees) creates huge plumes of steam. This tends to dull the colorful views. That didn't stop me though from showing thermophiles in all their glory.

One of the hot springs with another plume in the distance.

A bison stares us down.

A bison herd surrounds a new born calf.

Bison are some of my favorite animals to encounter. People underestimate them all the time, but that huge mass can sprint up to 35mph! That's a heck of a lot faster then you can run I promise you.

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