Sunday, January 8, 2012

Depth from above

Bald eagles and birds of prey in general are a favorite of mine to photograph. Unfortunately I don't get opportunities often enough to photograph them in larger clusters. Especially for bald eagles we aren't all located in Homer Alaska where they are considered pigeons. That aside I took the 2.5hr trip to Maryland to visit the Conowingo Dam. Famous for its bald eagle viewing on the east coast.
The title I thought was quite fitting as often you don't get that much depth in aerial bird photography. Particularly as most birds soar above the tree tops. Now in the spirit of honestly the depth elements in these images were not put there on purpose. As I was taking images they happened to find their way into the frame. I've grown quite fond and suggest you keep an eye out for these elements when cycling through your photos from a trip or outing.

These two images you see above is a question of with or without. Do you find the tree limbs distracting or a bonus? I liked the bird shape in the first image of the post no question but for this I find myself sitting on the fence. Let me know what you think in the comments.

One other bird of huge abundance at the Conowingo Dam that was vastly out numbering the bald eagles was the black vultures. They truly were like pigeons. If you want to photograph  black vultures in flight and perched this is definitely a place to go.

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