Sunday, November 6, 2011

A trip into the city

Over the course of working on a few side projects and heading to the Photo Plus Expo in NYC I decided to take my camera along. Although I specialize in Nature and Wildlife my work doesn't stop there. I am a student of all the studies of photography. I don't feel there is any good reason your talents in one area can't bleed into another.
With that in mind I took the shot above at the front of the Staten Island ferry. It is looking at the developing NYC skyline along with the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge off and to the right in the distance. I've seen this view a thousand times and it never gets old.

Leaving of course was no disappointment. I wish I had a telephoto, but I was stuck with my standard lens. We make the best with what we have. I could crop it, but I put the time and effort in to compose. Why crop and make my efforts in vain now? To each his own. Anyhow, This is Ms. Lady Liberty herself. She was standing in all her glory as the sun began to set over New Jersey. A beautiful way to end the day.
50% tonal contrast was used on these images as well as the polarizing filter in real life and in post using NIK color eFex pro.


  1. Cool shot of the skyline, Jarred! It's awesome how densely packed the buildings appear!

  2. Thanks Pat,

    I really loved the first image personally. As soon as I got a peak at the shot I knew it was something special. Always amazes me going back to see it all the time. The second I liked, but I think if I had a longer lens the liberty would have more of an impact, still fun though


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