Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Staten Island Nature Walk

Recently I teamed up with the Staten Island Museum to aid Seth Wollney on his Nature Photography walk. They needed a technical arm to help out and I was glad to oblige. The goal was fall colors, but I was on hand to have my brain picked about anything. I walked around with my Lowepro Toploader on my shoulder  carrying my sigma 50-500mm, sigma 150mm macro, and the Tamron 17-50mm. A bit heavy, but it was worth it as you will see.
The above image is of a baby asian red-eared slider. They are invasive, but I didn't want to pass up the opportunity for a photograph and a quick demonstration of depth of field.

The macro lens came in handy once again as this monarch paid us a visit as we crossed the lawn at Wolfe's Pond Park. The beauty is he kept his wings open. Often you find them closed and not as pleasing to photograph. Add the green background and you've got a photo!

A small flock of ruby crowned kinglets entertained us as we moved to the beach. Most photographers will tell you not to shoot during the day well the hell to that! I was outside approaching mid-day and as long as your subject is evenly lit have at it. Plus if you really pay attention to the light you can make magic happen.

What you are seeing here is a yellow-billed cukoo. A migrant for us here. I provided both images as I wanted to try cropping it. Isn't it killer when you just don't have enough reach? I had enough light though and that helped aid in getting a sharp shot with the Bigma (Sigma 50-500mm.)

After spending time at the photo walk me and some friends wandered over to Gateway National park to see what was in migration. Some Golden crowned kinglets were more than playful and willing to let me photograph them. It really was fantastic as they didn't care a drop I was right next to them!
So get out there and make the best with what you have while the colors and migration still lasts!


  1. Love these bird images. Not easy to get great shots when they're hopping around all over the place. Carol

  2. Hey Carol, its good to hear from you. Those kinglets bounce around like crazy. You'd think being so small theyed conserve their energy! All the best


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