Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photographing the abyss

Unfortunately with my trip up north not only was the sky not cooperating, but the fog moved in so thick I could barely see 10ft in front of me. The Minnewaska Lake I am used to seeing was no longer there! It was a bit wild despite the great disappointment.

The trick was really trying to find some sort of focus point or way to capture...well..nothing.

The train of thought I used was find some foreground. You need something to lock your eye on so that you can comprehend the subject. When we would stare right at the fog even our eyes were lost in trying to make something of it. The hardest part is then finding good foreground. It was hard to come by. I did decide to settle on some highly covered distant landscape to really help add the mood. When I photographed the branch by itself it just all didn't click for me. The foreground helped and I knew it could lead into the photo, but it would need something else. I tried black and white too, but It just wasn't as strong for me. 
So no matter the weather make the best of it and ask yourself how you can turn the lame into insane! (corny I know, but it works :-))


  1. Wow Jarred...really lovely...well done!

  2. Shows Pureness in nature to me, Almost untouched by stupid world. I love the photo

  3. These are really nice, Jarred. Shooting in heavy fog certainly presents some issues, but as you talked about, if you can find something to anchor the image (like your stick), then the fog can add some really nice mood to a scene as well. Of course, on an autumn color trip, fog can really throw a curveball into the plans!


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