Saturday, September 10, 2011

When the sun begins to set.. keep shootin'

I wanted to venture the pond (now mud flats) again. It will be a hot bed this fall season with lots of possibilities. I usually pass up on Great Blue Herons in the fall/winter, but I though't I'd give it a go. There was a great mood as the sun began to go down. I was using a monopod so I had it on an angle like a tripod for great stability, camera pushed up against my eye, and shooting rapid fire. I went as high as ISO 640. Not a fan of boosting an ISO with a cropped sensor, but I prefer to get the image rather than give up. Plus we can't all afford $10k lenses!

Heading out to the shoreline after exploring the mudflats I came about this semi-palmated plover in the sunset. I tried everything short of sitting in the sand to get this shot. I had to hand hold this. That's 750mm equivalent (Sigma 50-500mm) hand held (no stabilization) at a shutter speed around 160th of a second or so! Wasn't easy and I had to take lots of dud images to nail this one. Pixels are free as Joe McNally would say.

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