Sunday, September 4, 2011

When it goes it goes

(Snowy Egret)

Recently I had heard that due to Hurricane Irene the entire pond at Wolfe's Pond park had completely let loose. The barrier protecting it from spilling into the ocean had broken and the area had basically become a mud flat. After a few days of procrastinating I just couldn't wait any longer. I put on my chest waders and waded through the muck to see what I could find. Let me tell you that mud/muck is not something to mess with. I almost couldn't get out!

(Semi-palmated Plover)

With the water gone all the fresh water invertebrates and fish were up for grabs. Shorebirds, gulls, songbirds, birds of prey and even small mammals were trying to see what they could grab. Getting up early in the morning was truly worth it after coming back with what I did.


This sanderling was so excited. If you look close you can see his tongue was hanging out over all the grub! He just couldn't wait to coat his beak in mud.


The best thing to do in any situation is come prepared. When I made a short visit I soon realized boots and a tripod wasn't going to cut it. I really like to shoot from a tripod whenever I can, but 3 legs in the mud just doesn't work. I got my monopod with a snow foot on and my chest waders to do the job. This way if I fall on my bum (which I did :-p) it's an easy clean up. It helps if your chest waders have an inside a pocket to hold cards and/or batteries. Just do make sure to use the bathroom. You'd hate to be an hour out there working your way to the wildlife and then nature calls, D'oh!

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  1. It is great to see a person who still cares about the planet he inhabits. IT GIVES THE REST OF US SOME MOTIVATION TO GET OFF OUR BUTTS AND SAVE WHAT IS LEFT OF OUR BEAUTIFUL HOME.You are a guiding light. Thank You.


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