Friday, September 16, 2011

Quick gems from the field

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This guy we had to hunt down a bit. It's called a Robber Fly. He has a bubble bee in his grasps. (image cropped)

Commonly known as a Cabbage White. More accurately a Common White. An introduced species from New Zealand.

My favorite on the way out was a Wolf Spider. Just a beautiful specimen. Sorry fore the quick write up, gotta go!


  1. More great shots. Keep on. Bruce

  2. Love all the insect shots Jarred. In order to post a comment I have to upload my blog to google chrome as google itself doesn't pick up my comments. But today I decided I needed to use chrome so I leave some thoughts. Carol

  3. Thanks Carol. Its good to hear from you. I'm not sure why you need to upload your blog to a browser google chrome though. This is a blogger blog now not wordpress but still. If I can help let me know. Take care

    P.s. chrome is a good browser


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