Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our last shots at insects

(yellow jacket)
With Fall approaching and the temperatures beginning to dip insects are becoming more and more sparse. So if you haven't photographed some awesome insect action lately then get out there soon. Especially as most flowers on the plants are begging to die or close.

(unknown damsel fly)

This was an angle I liked even though it was different then most. I Also have this where he is perched horizontally as you'd expect, but I chose to break those rules. Not everything has to be the way you read it in a book or forum.

(copulating monarchs)

This was a real treat for me. I always love capturing behavior in Nature. I was photographing them individually and then all of a sudden they collided into each other. They latched on and didn't let go for at least the 20minutes I was standing there. It wasn't an easy shot to get either. I actually had to wait 15 minutes for them to move. I got lucky that the upper butterfly could actually carry each other together to another location. The first situation had god awful light and in a really poor shooting location. I also didn't want to stomp all over the garden just to make a shotty image. Patients was the key and you'll find it often pays off.

(slaty skimmer (female) dragonfly)

For this last image I got really up close and personal with this dragonfly. Almost 1:1 with my macro. I saw a dragonfly perching on a small twig on the ground and I took a few images one at a time as I got closer and closer. I often photograph a subject taking a few images each time as I approach.

  1. it gets your subject used to your shutter sound. Especially if you are in burst mode like me. It can be startling.
  2. your subject just might up and leave before you get the shot you want!
Luckily for me a lot of dragonflies -if not spooked to greatly- return to their perch. I was literally face to face with this lady. 

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  1. That was one of the best shots of a dragonfly or any insect I have ever seen. Great stuff. Keep on clicking. Bruce


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